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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a serious downturn in global economic activity.  Due to this, we have
been forced to place our business in hibernation and we have ceased all manufacturing until further notice.
We are here for any requests for technical support, software support, spare parts enquiries or quotations.
Please contact us using the updated email addresses on the INFORMATION REQUEST page.
Please note that our office hours are reduced and hence there could be longer delays in response than usual.  Thank you for your patience.

Phoenix Biosystems and Phoenix Research

have been providing equipment for agricultural research since 1987.  The Phoenix range of equipment and services
are designed to offer the user practical and reliable methods and equipment for implementing their research requirements.

By placing our design emphasis on quality of materials and accuracy of operation, our systems offer levels of value, performance
and service which generally are not be matched
by imported products or in-house designs.

Energy efficiency and environmental considerations are a key requirementof our products and designs.
When used as recommended, significant operating cost savings are achievable.